Life's funny

 First of all, Apologies! I promised to be a little frequent, but I wasn't. I can come up with a million excuses, but what's the point! It just might happen again.  I have some personals things to share, but I will probably save that for the last.  Is it just me or does everyone feels a little insecure or at unrest. I mean not able to find the right word of for it. It's a mixture of neurotic, restlessness, frustration and literally every scary emotion we can think of.  I asked a close friend of mine to suggest me a topic to write about, and she suggested "How countries and their PMs are failing". I understand the thought behind it, and it needs to be addressed. But let's start at the base level. And don't worry, this will not be political.  And by base I mean the very basic, as it can be. Some of you may be aware of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And if not, let me google that for you. The first level talks about your physiological needs, like food, wate

Speak up?

Okay guys, let's have a do-over I think it's generally difficult for us to understand how we feel about people around us. I mean it's like we're always confused about how we feel and we generally don't understand what to do with our feelings. And if someone gives us a reality check, we are scared to accept it. I mean of course right? It's difficult And even if we accept how we feel, it's very rare that we take the right decision on it. I mean let's say we feel for someone. Do we actually have the courage to go up to that person? I mean why does it take so many days, weeks, months years to even gather the courage to stand up in front of that person and say what we actually feel. It's because it's difficult. It's important to us and we just don't want to lose what we have. I mean we don't want to take risks, but is it the right thing? Is it even fair? Fair to us as a person and fair to them.  I think it's generally believed that we

There, I said it

Should one be blogging when they are a drunk? Hell yes! That's as honest as you can be!  Now since I have decided to post, I got to figure out an interesting topic. And let me blabber while I can! Before this little hangover turns into a little comfort slide on the big cushion and eventually sleep.  Well, you know how people talk about mental health, and I think that's the "hot topic". But those who really talk about it, at least most of the time, don't really get it right. I mean they understand what a unhealthy mind can do to you, but they don't really get it how you have been there. And let's not blame anyone for this. I mean why should we? Everyone's trying their best while trying to hold their life into pieces that may never mend.  Too dark?  Well, mind is a dark place. Even the brightest one. That's the beauty right? Ying and Yang. Light side and the Dark side. Let me share a small secret. And there's only one person who I guess knows par


Well, I waited for sometime trying to figure out the best topic to this post about. But I guess it just doesn't exist. And, well it's my blog so maybe I can blabber about anything. Damn, that is powerful! Yesterday I was watching this show Ricky Gervais's Humanity. I think I have already watched it over three times and it's good show! It makes you laugh at the difficult things and I guess that's pretty. Anyway, so in case this post tends to bore you, a certain show mentioned can make your time more entertaining... I always wonder about important things in life. Like what are we living for, what are the rules of this World, have we forgotten that, I mean it's just so scattered. No one knows at the end why they are doing this. I mean keep asking "Why?" & they will eventually run out of a good reason. I mean obviously reasons can be debatable and are obviously meaningful or meaningless depending on the person.  But what is the meaning or the reason or

So it begins.... I will start with the Doomsday

 I think this would be the only post I will be talking about it. I may refer to a few things in future but this story ends here. Why this post is important is because to understand why people say or do certain things we need to understand the events that took place in their life. Of course, over time an uncountable such events occur, but some events can be the tipping points, to who you are as a person. And this is about that.  It's about a friend, someone I loved dearly, intended to marry, someone I lost. I mean that is person is not dead, and sometimes I think it might be easier if it was that (*touchwood*), but I guess not. We grew up  together, all of the firsts, but somewhere I believe it wasn't just meant to be.   It's been 3 years since, and it was quite abrupt really. Ending eight years long relationship over texts seems quite hurtful or maybe you just never know what's going on in someone's mind.  I have never been the same since then. I have known her for


Hi Everyone!  I am not sure of how many posts there are gonna be, but if you're actually scrolling to this one (assuming there a quite a few going forward), thank you!  So let me answer the obvious questions first! Who Am I? I'm Abhi, MBA & Engineer by trade and full time project manager for an IT Logistics Firm. A huge Star Wars fan! I believe we should actually build a Jedi Temple and learn the ways of the Force. I actually might tell me kids (if that happens some day) that Yoda is our God, he fought for the Light.  I like to play Violin sometimes, and still learning. I am crazy for gadgets, tools and tech.  Why am I blogging? Sometimes you want to say things out, be true to yourself, and have someone to resonate on the same frequency. I have some amazing friends who are always ready to listen, know me, but somethings are unsaid, filtered. And honestly, just finding a way to vent out!  What am I going to blog about? It's mostly going to be unfiltered thoughts. Some or