Hi Everyone! 

I am not sure of how many posts there are gonna be, but if you're actually scrolling to this one (assuming there a quite a few going forward), thank you! 

So let me answer the obvious questions first!

Who Am I?

I'm Abhi, MBA & Engineer by trade and full time project manager for an IT Logistics Firm. A huge Star Wars fan! I believe we should actually build a Jedi Temple and learn the ways of the Force. I actually might tell me kids (if that happens some day) that Yoda is our God, he fought for the Light. 

I like to play Violin sometimes, and still learning. I am crazy for gadgets, tools and tech. 

Why am I blogging?

Sometimes you want to say things out, be true to yourself, and have someone to resonate on the same frequency. I have some amazing friends who are always ready to listen, know me, but somethings are unsaid, filtered. And honestly, just finding a way to vent out! 

What am I going to blog about?

It's mostly going to be unfiltered thoughts. Some or quite a few of them may not align with the social conventions. Good Cop Bad Cop. 

Who am I writing for?

Anyone. But honestly, myself. 

How can you get involved?

I will keep the comment section open. I will attach the link to my personal twitter or insta, and if anyone feels like connecting. You can message me about things/people you want to read about in my posts and I will try and write about them. 

What are my goals?

Not sure what I want to achieve from it right now, but I will give it a good thought. If someone's feeling alone and maybe they resonate with what I say, maybe they are not. And I guess that's all it is. 


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