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Speak up?

Okay guys, let's have a do-over I think it's generally difficult for us to understand how we feel about people around us. I mean it's like we're always confused about how we feel and we generally don't understand what to do with our feelings. And if someone gives us a reality check, we are scared to accept it. I mean of course right? It's difficult And even if we accept how we feel, it's very rare that we take the right decision on it. I mean let's say we feel for someone. Do we actually have the courage to go up to that person? I mean why does it take so many days, weeks, months years to even gather the courage to stand up in front of that person and say what we actually feel. It's because it's difficult. It's important to us and we just don't want to lose what we have. I mean we don't want to take risks, but is it the right thing? Is it even fair? Fair to us as a person and fair to them.  I think it's generally believed that we

There, I said it

Should one be blogging when they are a drunk? Hell yes! That's as honest as you can be!  Now since I have decided to post, I got to figure out an interesting topic. And let me blabber while I can! Before this little hangover turns into a little comfort slide on the big cushion and eventually sleep.  Well, you know how people talk about mental health, and I think that's the "hot topic". But those who really talk about it, at least most of the time, don't really get it right. I mean they understand what a unhealthy mind can do to you, but they don't really get it how you have been there. And let's not blame anyone for this. I mean why should we? Everyone's trying their best while trying to hold their life into pieces that may never mend.  Too dark?  Well, mind is a dark place. Even the brightest one. That's the beauty right? Ying and Yang. Light side and the Dark side. Let me share a small secret. And there's only one person who I guess knows par