Life's funny

 First of all, Apologies! I promised to be a little frequent, but I wasn't. I can come up with a million excuses, but what's the point! It just might happen again. 

I have some personals things to share, but I will probably save that for the last. 

Is it just me or does everyone feels a little insecure or at unrest. I mean not able to find the right word of for it. It's a mixture of neurotic, restlessness, frustration and literally every scary emotion we can think of. 

I asked a close friend of mine to suggest me a topic to write about, and she suggested "How countries and their PMs are failing". I understand the thought behind it, and it needs to be addressed. But let's start at the base level. And don't worry, this will not be political. 

And by base I mean the very basic, as it can be. Some of you may be aware of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And if not, let me google that for you.

The first level talks about your physiological needs, like food, water, sleep, sex and so on. I mean what we need to survive in our basic instinct form. There are books and papers that can teach you better but this is my understanding. And how as the elite species we are, will react, when taken away with any such basic needs. Laws or stigma's prohibiting you from entering into sexual relationships, the cost of basic food and clean drinking water to survive, the unavailability of clean air (with no one really ready to do anything about), a proper place to get shelter and so on, are being challenged, by the divide we have created, and not being addresses by governments or power positions. And we have earned the right to call us Humans. (Sarcasm, in case some of you don't get it. I am one of those)

Now let's talk about the second level. Don't worry I will not go to the third or the fourth or the fifth level, because we got to start fixing what's broken at the very base. You cannot drive a self-actualized Ferrari with a broken engine.

So the second level talks about safety needs. And I don't think I need to explain that right? I mean which one of us hasn't worried about it? You can be shot or nuked or bombed or stabbed or raped or drowned or drugged or suffocated or just about anything. And with hardly any consequences. Your money isn't your own, it's the contracted bill issued by the governments, price decided by egos, and billions lost with sentiments. Healthcare is mostly a profit model with no concern or care, and tell me, when has someone stepped foot in the Hospital and been confident that everything will be alright. And then comes your cybersecurity. You don't have the rights to privacy, and giants can just about profile you and alter you. I mean why "the elite humans" need nukes? or pepper sprays? or encryptions? or multiple locks? or extensive savings for a rainy day? I know you have the answers, but just keep asking this to yourself. You know something is wrong, you just don't know what it is. 

It's not just the governments who are failing. It's we, as a race have failed. Are we too far from redemption? 

Sometimes you wish you had answers. But most of the time, you just know. Like I did, today, when I crossed paths with someone, I wasn't expecting, and it didn't bother me, as I thought it would have. 

Life's funny. 


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