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Here's a little something I wrote a while back. Don't worry I am not going to make this blog about poetry. Or if I do, I will put tags for people to skip :p  I smiled, because I had to I could not let them see I didn't have a story Not the one I could share When your fears come alive Can anyone even understand You picture this world Paint it And you make the painting smile Because you wanted to Can I not pretend now? And cry while you hold me


Well, I am at it again. Honestly, I couldn't find the time to write, because of my so called "Job" but got some time off so. Not gonna go anywhere philosophical this time. Or maybe.  This one is actually just about a small poem I had written a while back. Do I have the poem with me? No. Do I remember the poem? No. Has anyone ever read it? Quite a few. Where is it? Help me find it! So occasionally I tend to write poetry. I have written hundreds for "someone" which cannot be found now, but this one was not for that. It was for a friend I had lost in an accident. And just like that friend I also lost that poem. What I most regret about it was, I found out about her a week later, and it happened close to my place and she was admitted to a hospital next to my society.  She was the liveliest person you could ever meet. And trust me, I am not joking, or talking her up. She would walk in the room, and people would want to smile, want to dance and be happy. She could tak